I believe every family is unique and dynamic, each person deserves care that is sensitive to where and who they are.  Informed choice and person-centered care are at the heart of all our interactions throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, and I seek to bring mindfulness, creativity, and beauty to your birth story and journey into parenthood.

***I am currently on leave August 2019-January 2020 as I welcome my first baby.***

Inquiries for craniosacral therapy or other support are welcome, and I am happy to make referrals.

Infant Craniosacral

Resuming January 2020

Please e-mail to inquire about current rates and services.

All appointments in home.

Initial visits last 60-90 minutes and consist of an intake conversation including birth information and current concerns.

Follow up visits typically last 45-60 minutes and are designed to encourage continuing healing and resolution of initial concerns for you and your baby.


Resuming March 2020

  • In-home support in the first days/nights following your birth

    • Day time: 3-6 hours of in home support between the hours of 10am-8pm* which includes:

      • Meal preparation- encouraging overall wellness and including herbal and healing foods as desired

      • Laundry and light housework

      • Breastfeeding support

    • Overnight: 5-8 hours of night time support between the hours of 9pm-6am:

      • Provide baby care between feedings to ensure a more restful night for parents

      • May include meal preparation

*Limited day time availability as I will also be home with my own baby

Midwifery Services

Currently on hiatus/maternity leave until March 2020

Our care ultimately begins with an initial interview to answer your questions about midwifery care and decide if we are a good fit.

Prenatal Care: Creating a Relationship

  • Prenatal visits at your home on a schedule that is the standard in the local obstetric and midwifery communities:

    • once a month through your 1st and 2nd trimesters

    • twice a month 28-36 weeks

    • weekly from 36 weeks until you give birth

  • Gain skills and information that will help you navigate labor and birth

  • Receive support and referrals in response to your physical and emotional needs and information about optimizing the health of you and your baby through nutrition, rest, and stress reduction

  • Discussion of the full range of tests and treatments available in standard obstetric care to allow you to make informed choices throughout your experience - blood draws are done in home; referrals provided for ultrasound

Labor & Birth

  • Phone contact with your midwife to help support you during early labor and decide when it is time for her to join you at home

  • Careful and respectful monitoring of both mom and baby's well-being

  • Referrals for waterbirth tub rentals - clients are encouraged to have a tub available to them for comfort during labor

  • Available newborn procedures are discussed in advance and your choices are verified with you at the time of birth

Postpartum care: through the first 6 weeks 

  • Your midwife stays with you at home for approximately 3-5 hours following birth

  • Follow up home visits at 24hrs, 1 week, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks, with phone and email correspondence throughout

  • Breastfeeding support, including help with positioning, latch, and common initial challenges - referrals for an IBCLC provided as needed


It is said that midwifery is a calling.  There is no other way for me to describe my decision to become a midwife than to say that I was, indeed, called to it.  A deep curiosity stirred in me the moment I heard the word, landing in my heart as a very distinct and resounding “YES”, a knowing that lingered with time as I moved toward fulfilling and embodying this role, as a midwife.

Prior to stepping into the world of birth, I spent nearly a decade nurturing the growth and development of children and families as a nanny.  In 2009, I became a birth and postpartum doula, attending births and supporting families through birth and into the early weeks and months to follow.  After several years as a doula, I entered and completed a 3-year accredited midwifery education program, exclusively trained in out of hospital birth at both home and birth centers, and hold midwifery licenses in both California and Washington.

In recent years I have also pursued training as a craniosacral therapy provider through the Upledger Institute. In addition, I have completed specialized courses in prenatal, postpartum, and infant craniosacral with Carol Gray in Portland, OR.

It is my passion to provide individualized attention to my clients, tending the emotional and physical changes during pregnancy and birth, and caring for families as they adjust to their new roles in the postpartum period.  I am deeply honored to accompany you through the tenderness and vulnerability of pregnancy, birth, and all that follows.




Certificate in Holistic Midwifery, 2015  -  Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery, San Diego, CA
BA, Psychology, 2007  -  California State University, Northridge, CA

Current Licenses and Certifications

Licensed Midwife, Washington State Department of Health

Licensed Midwife, California Medical Board
Certified Professional Midwife, North American Registry of Midwives
NRP (neonatal resuscitation)

Workshops and Trainings

Craniosacral Level 1 & 2, Upledger Institute, 2016

Craniosacral for Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum, Carol Gray, 2017

Craniosacral for Infants, Carol Gray, 2017

BEST (Birth Emergency Skills Training), 2014
Foundations in Ayurvedic Medicine, dhyana Center, 2010
Shiatsu Anma Massage, 2008



Coming soon!


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