Midwifery Services

Our care ultimately begins with an initial interview to answer your questions about midwifery care and decide if we are a good fit.

Prenatal Care: Creating a Relationship

  • Prenatal visits at your home on a schedule that is the standard in the local obstetric and midwifery communities: 
    • once a month at the beginning
    • twice a month 28-36 weeks
    • weekly from 36 weeks until you give birth
  • Gain skills and information that will help you navigate labor and birth
  • Receive support and referrals in response to your physical and emotional needs and information about optimizing the health of you and your baby through nutrition, rest, and stress reduction
  • Discussion of the full range of tests and treatments available in standard obstetric care to allow you to make informed choices throughout your experience - blood draws are done in home; referrals provided for ultrasound

Labor & Birth

  • Phone contact with your midwife to help support you during early labor and decide when it is time for her to join you at home
  • Careful and respectful monitoring of both mom and baby's well-being
  • Referrals for waterbirth tub rentals - clients are encouraged to have a tub available to them for comfort during labor
  • Available newborn procedures are discussed in advance and your choices are verified with you at the time of birth

Postpartum care: through the first 6 weeks 

  • Your midwife stays with you at home for approximately 3 hours following birth  
  • Follow up home visits at 24hrs, 1 week, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks, with phone and email correspondence throughout
  • Breastfeeding support, including help with positioning, latch, and common initial challenges - referrals for an IBCLC provided as needed